About Me

      Hi everyone! I’m Meredith Weber, owner of Weber's Resupply. I started this brand to spread coziness, outdoor inclusivity & a good time through apparel and granola gang designs. I have always been passionate about creating a positive environment for the outdoor community and have wanted to create outdoor apparel that makes people feel comfortable to be outside for a LONG time. My goal of Weber's Resupply is to build a brand that can be affordable, low impact on our environment and make people smile!                                                                                                                                                                                       
      The way that Weber's Resupply works is simple. Instead of constant inventory that is wasteful and harmful to the environment, I market drops on Weber's Resupply socials, provide windows of time that people can order inventory, and then close the sale. This way every garment is made to order with no excess materials or waste. If a product that is sold out is loved so much that it calls for a second drop, I can make that happen. I find inspiration for my clothing in my outdoorsy community and will be listening to my customers every step of the way as this brand grows.                                                                                                    
      I will be bringing you all along and you can follow this journey on all Weber's Resupply social accounts. Who knows, maybe this passion project can be turned into something bigger.                                                                                                           
Thank you for being here, let's get outside :)